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    Cartier Buffalo Horn

    About Buffalo Horn

    As a jeweler of eyewear, Cartier applies the same procedures as with its jewelry pieces. Cartier's craftsman-like approach places the material at the heart of the creative process.

    The buffalo horn material is a rather exclusive feature of Cartier eyewear. What we specifically admire about the buffalo horn material is how the buffalo horn adds an unparalleled uniqueness to the frame in addition to enhancing the overall style.

    According to the international convention on protected species, the buffalo horn is only removed from domestic animals. It can measure up to one meter, but only a small portion of the horn meets Cartier’s criteria for quality and aesthetics. The construction of thin strips layered crosswise ensures high quality, warp resistance, and frame stability. Because Cartier horn frames are not varnished, they can be re-polished over time.

    Now, the buffalo horn has more usage than simply serving as eye elegance. This is an ultra-light material, the lightest of all the materials that can be used in sunglass and optical frames, which makes it such a rarity. This is essential in preventing the bulky and cumbersome feeling on your face. These airy frames leave your nose feeling weight-free while still offering the protective lens coating you desire.

    No other frame material has the warmth and feel of buffalo horn. The exotic look and feel of horn is what many frame designers try to achieve with acetate. The buffalo horn's distinctive designs are for men and women looking for contemporary eyewear that is refined, striking, and unique. It's one of the finest materials in eyewear, and the craftsmanship is impeccable.


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    Brushed with a champagne golden finish, these Santos de Cartier are made with genuine buffalo horn. Simple and stylish, these aviators have a contemporary design paying tribute to aviator Santos-Dumon. The famous screws adorned on the temples are borrowed from the iconic Santos watch.

    What we also find extremely beautiful is the smooth brown leather nose accompanied by a brown polarized lens.
    Given the width of the lens, it works efficiently in protecting from the harmful UV rays. The soft brown makes it an attractive evening accessory as well.

    These Cartier sunglasses carry a high-quality feel to them. They are highly rated by our customers. The gold details are shiny without being too extravagant for everyday wear.

    In 2002, the Rimless Sunglasses was re-interpreted in a finer version. Slim, elongated, and taut, the sunglasses makes possible the subtle, sober structure of these frames. It is the result of painstaking diamond machining and polishing. Extending to sunglasses and prescription models, this pair of eyewear is a true signature and transforms it into a unique and precious object.


    A marriage of contrast – straight lines and curves, smooth and sharp – the Rimless Rectangular Sunglasses are the perfect illustration of how Cartier uses time-honored expertise in the most modern way.

    Cartier - C Decor Silver Rimless Men Sunglasses - 60mm-Sunglasses-Designer Eyes

    The simple and elegant design is marked with a Cartier "C" décor. Precious materials like buffalo horn and metal are crafted in the expertise and traditions of Cartier eyewear.

    Designer Eyes offers dozens of Cartier styles in retail locations and online. All Cartier frames come with their original Cartier packaging, and all online Cartier orders come with complimentary next-day U.S. shipping.