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Costa 580 Lenses: What’s So Special?

Costa Del Mar lenses are as unique and durable as the people who wear them. Featuring a totally polarized line of sunglasses, not many brands can compete with Costa’s comprehensive focus on protecting the wearer from harmful UV light, while at the same time, offering next-level contrast and clarity.

Costa 580 Lenses

Costa 580 Lenses: 580P vs 580G

Both of these technologies offer unparalleled polarization and UV protection, but there are slight differences that aren’t completely inconsequential.


  • The 580G version is glass-based and the 580P version has a polycarbonate foundation, making it a bit lighter and more cost-effective.
  • Costa’s 580G lenses provide superior clarity and scratch resistance while being 22% lighter and 20% thinner than average polarized glass, which tends to be a bit bulkier and heavier.
  • Costa 580P lenses are made of durable polycarbonate for impact resistance, along with an extra scratch-resistant barrier to ensure they don’t scratch as often as other polycarbonate lenses.
  • One of the main factors when it comes to this exterior lens quality is Costa’s unique C-Wall technology.

C-Wall Technology

Costa is all about maximizing scratch resistance and keeping the lenses free of excess fluids, ensuring the wearer has a clear line of sight at all times.


Costa’s C-Wall ensures a higher contact angle than most of its competitors, meaning the water runs off the lens as opposed to beading. Fishermen know exactly how important this is.


C-Wall lens technology is one of those simple pieces of technology that, while seemingly intrinsic to the sunglasses industry, isn’t utilized by most brands to its maximum potential, if ever at all.

C-Wall Technology

Colors & Materials

Choosing Color & Material

Choosing the right color is just as important as choosing the right frame. Since light conditions vary between locations and oftentimes even within locations, picking the correct lens color makes all the difference.


Whether blocking the glare from bright light or accentuating low light in order to attain better clarity and contrast, the lens colors offered by Costa Del Mar will get the job done.


The blue lenses are known to be the most effective for Costa’s signature brand aesthetic, but other colors offer the same quality for any and all outdoor activities.

Our Favorite Costa Frames