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De'arra Taylor Wearing Versace VE4393 Sunglasses

De'arra Taylor is famously known for her joint YouTube channel, DK4L, which she began with Ken Walker in 2014.

They have over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and exceed a following of 2 million subscribers on other social media platforms.

The couple's passion and style inspires fans as they document their day-to-day lives in Atlanta.


De'arra looks exceptionally stylish in her Versace VE4393 sunglasses in pink.

These new shield sunglasses are a stellar accessory for a day downtown when you live as boldly as De'arra.


Designer Eyes carries the exact Versace sunglasses De'arra wears below. The sunglasses have an interchangeable lens

to allow you to choose between a transparent lens for a trendy edge or a dark lens for a mysterious edge.

Check out her look.