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DITA has launched a new collection of sunglasses called the Blackout series, exclusively yours at Designer Eyes. The Blackout collection features three of the most popular DITA sunglasses with blacked-out titanium hardware and black polarized lenses.


Celebrating 20 years as an industry-leading sunglasses brand, their new release offers an innovative reboot on an already strong collection. Meshing the strong, powerful frames with a modern twist gives this collection a sleek and lean look with all the signature DITA details and luxurious materials you’ve come to expect from the iconic brand.

DITA - Flight.006

DITA’s Flight.006 is an homage to the bravery of the fighter pilots who fought in the war. The post-war inspired frames give off a swagger and boldness that properly conveys the iconic era with a modern, powerful new look.

DITA - Alkamx

DITA’s dedication to innovation with the Alkamx is second to none with its pressed-line details on the lens rims, end pieces, and temples. Showing off DITA’s exemplary attention to detail and drawing inspiration from its precursor, the Midnight-Special.

DITA - Subsystem

The Subsystem line is a result of DITA’s most highly-detailed and elaborate titanium aviators to date. The Subsystem features an angular brow bar and a dual-tone titanium construction with very fine detailed pressed lines that line up through the temples to the end pieces.