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See the Future in Gold with the Gold Oakley Kato Prizm 24K

Oakley has announced the debut of the Oakley® Kato with Prizm™ 24K lenses just in time for the Olympics in Tokyo later this month. If the Olympics represent bringing together the best athletes together to compete, then Oakley has brought its best for the biggest stage on the planet.

Oakley Kato with Prizm 24K Lenses

Oakley Kato is engineered to push the boundaries of performance with a purpose-built design that conforms to the contours of the face for a seamless look. The Kato's progressive and disruptive wrap design, the frameless architecture, the innovative tilt function, and the multiple nosepads create a customized fit. Paired with Prizm Lens Technology, Oakley Kato empowers athletes with optimized coverage, an expanded field of view and lenses designed to enhance color and contrast to see more detail.