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What Sunglasses Does The Fat Jew Wear?

Josh Ostrovsky, more commonly known as The Fat Jew, is an Instagram star, writer, winemaker, actor, entrepreneur, and most importantly, a model who's often seen wearing a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses. He started his famous Instagram page "TheFatJewish" in 2013 and currently has 10.5 million followers. The page posts humorous content that truly allows Ostrovsky's huge personality to shine through and has led to him being hired to do product placements in his posts by big companies like Apple and Burger King. In 2015, he signed a modeling contract with One Managment and claims to be the world's first male plus-size model and has gone on to release a collection of men's apparel. The same year, Time magazine added The Fat Jew to its lst of The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.

Check out this versatile pair of trendy cat-eye sunglasses he sports in both a shirtless photoshoot and to the Billboard Music Awards.

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