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Manny Khoshbin Wearing Dita LXN-EVO Sunglasses

Manny Khoshbin is highly skilled at flaunting his success and wealth from his career in commerical real estate. His specialization began in apartment buildings and later moved to commercial real estate. He credits the majority of his success from growing his real estate empire.


Manny Khoshbin pairs his Dita 'LXN-EVO' sunglasses exceptionally well in a photo depicting him smiling in a Rolls-Royce convertible. He styles the sunglasses with a blue blazer and striped collared shirt. These men's sunglasses are handcrafted in Japan with meticulous care, and they would have the high-quality feel a wealthy CEO would come to expect.

Dita sunglasses like these are very popular, and the best way to experience Dita is in person. Each Designer Eyes boutique offers a wide assortment of high-end Dita sunglasses. An eyewear specialist will be more than happy to help with any questions.


Discover our boutique locations and learn more about how Designer Eyes can help you find the perfect pair of Dita sunglasses.

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