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Mykita Eyewear Designs

Using a combination of specialized craftsmanship and utilizing modern technologies, Mykita eyewear is symbiotic of the integrity the brand builds their lenses with. As an independent manufacturer based in Berlin, Mykita engineers their frames in-house to provide a most exquisite eyewear experience.


A hallmark of some of the Mykita frames are its openly displayed spiral hinge. This motif originally started off as an incidental style element of the frames. The Mykita frames with the displayed hinge became the catalyst for one of the brand's guiding principles. Their mission: to create frames that are both masterfully technical and aesthetically pleasing.


One reason Designer Eyes customers choose Mykita is because Mykita pushes the envelope of design with their dedication to their frames' research and development. Mykita aspires to go beyond the norms and conventional stylings of other eyewear brands.


Whether you shop at a local Designer Eyes boutique or online, you will find a vast range of inventive styles in Designer Eyes' collection of Mykita eyewear.