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    Tyler Herro Wearing Gucci GG0890S Sunglasses

    Tyler Herro is a famous basketball player for the Miami Heat. He recently welcomed a daughter with Instagram fitness model Katya Elise Henry.

    Tyler walked the red carpet in style at the Sports Illustrated Awards at the Seminole Hotel Hard Rock and Casino near Miami, Florida. He wore a cool pair of Gucci GG0890S sunglasses as he was formally named the best dressed athlete by Sports Illustrated.


    Gucci's playful spirit makes these sunglasses a great choice to pair with his orange suit from Casablanca and Louis Vuitton sneakers.

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    A post shared by Tyler Herro (@nolimitherro)

    Though these are women's sunglasses, celebrities like Tyler have been crossing over gender norms when choosing thier designer sunglasses. For example, the style experts at Designer Eyes have noticed the Gucci GG0974S women's sunglasses on male celebrities such as Juicy J.

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