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The Varilux® XR series™ represents a groundbreaking advancement in progressive lens technology, fueled by the integration of behavioral artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional progressive lenses that focus solely on prescription and eye physiology, the XR series™ takes into account individual visual behavior. This innovative approach allows for faster and more accurate eye movements, providing wearers with a seamless transition between near, intermediate, and distant vision.



By leveraging behavioral AI, Varilux® has revolutionized the way progressive lenses are designed. The XR series™ considers how wearers naturally use their eyes in various situations, adapting the lens design accordingly. This personalized optimization ensures an unparalleled visual experience, catering to each individual's unique needs and visual habits. With the Varilux® XR series™, users can enjoy enhanced visual comfort and clarity, making it a cutting-edge choice for those seeking the utmost precision and performance in their eyewear. With its inclusion into the Designer Eyes line of optical enhancements, our clients can now incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their lives in ways never thought possible.


The development of progressive lenses has reached new heights with the integration of extensive data and exclusive research. By analyzing over 1 million data points, conducting wearer tests in real-life scenarios, and measuring wearer behavioral and postural patterns in-store, a comprehensive understanding of visual behavior has been achieved. This wealth of information allows for a predictive approach in creating progressive lenses tailored to each our of individual wearer's prescriptions. Each lens is designed to respect and accommodate the wearer's natural eye movements, resulting in a truly personalized and comfortable visual experience.


The utilization of a visual behavior profile for each wearer prescription is a game-changer in the world of eyewear. By incorporating data-driven insights into the lens design process, eyewear manufacturers can now produce progressive lenses that precisely adapt to an individual's unique visual habits and needs. This advanced technology ensures a seamless and effortless transition between different vision zones, optimizing clarity and comfort for every wearer. Whether engaging in close-up work or gazing into the distance, the progressive lenses crafted from the wearer's visual behavior profile promise an unparalleled visual journey.

The introduction of the "volume of broadband vision" criterion marks a significant advancement in eyewear technology. This innovative metric assesses the three-dimensional area where wearers can experience exceptionally sharp vision on any visual target, even during motion. The result is a seamless and dynamic ocular navigation, ensuring clarity and precision across distances ranging from 30cm to infinity. By incorporating this criterion into the design of eyewear, wearers can enjoy a broader and more encompassing field of vision, enhancing their visual experience in various activities and environments.


The "volume of broadband vision" criterion is a game-changer for eyewear wearers, as it expands the range of sharp and clear vision across different depths and distances. With this breakthrough technology, wearers can now enjoy enhanced visual performance not only for stationary tasks but also during dynamic movements, providing uninterrupted sharpness and clarity while on the go. Whether focusing on objects up close or gazing into the distance, wearers can experience the benefits of this advanced eyewear technology, which aims to optimize visual comfort and acuity in all aspects of daily life.