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    Shiny Chocolate Brown - Gold

B - VII BPS-131 BALMAIN Sunglasses

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Effortlessly fusing the audacious spirit of modern music with the precision of traditional Parisian couture's impeccable tailoring and exquisite adornment, Rousteing's creations consistently exude a unique blend of rock-inspired rebellion and runway sophistication. Drawing inspiration from this singular perspective, the Balmain Eyewear B-Series frames evolve in step with the house's ever-evolving runways. Each new season is a reflection of Rousteing's latest interpretations of his beloved musical influences. For the Fall of 2022, Rousteing and the Akoni team unveil the sleek B-VII, characterized by its boldly squared and sculptural silhouette, evoking the crisply tailored lines synonymous with Balmain's most distinguished collections. The commanding titanium top bar is embellished with motifs drawn from the architectural embellishments of Paris, adding a touch of architectural artistry to the frames.