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Available at Designer Eyes

Eyeglass lenses and designs are as unique as everyone’s prescription. Lens selection is not a one size fits all. In providing you with the best visual acuity, the lens selection should be a custom-tailored solution. Therefore, the opticians and stylists at Designer Eyes offer the very best lens choices from Essilor. We custom tailor your frame selection with the best digital freeform lenses, the appropriate lens material based on your use, and the best anti-reflective coatings.


Essilor has distinguished itself as the inventor of the first multi-focal lens, pioneered new lighter lens materials and was part of the team that created and introduced Transitions Adaptive Lenses—the first lightweight plastic photochromic lens available on the market.

Varilux® revolutionizes progressive lens design with behavioral AI. XR series™ considers natural eye usage, adapting the lens for optimal vision in different situations.

Eyezen Single Vision Lenses – A freeform digital single vision lens that provides accommodative relief for near focusing such as reading a book or device use and reduces harmful Blue Light.

Varilux Progressive Lenses – For superior vision, progressive lenses from Essilor are freeform digital lenses that deliver seamless vision from near to far and a wider visual field that is more natural.

Thin & Lite – Thinner and lighter lenses offer great optics, improved comfort, and the best cosmetic appearance.

Crizal Anti-reflective Coating – Provides superior scratch resistance, UV protection, and anti-glare. Ideal for night driving and digital device use. Enhances lens clarity.

Transitions Signature GEN8TM – The best photochromic lens that adapts to changes in lighting conditions, and reduces exposure to ultraviolet and harmful blue light. Available in Signature and Style colors.

Xperio – Polarized sun lens offering maximum ultraviolet protection for the best vision under the sun.